We came, we saw, we ate fruitcake
ndependence can be dark, asleep by 6 p.m. on a Saturday. The town is a blink away from being missed along Highway 395; a more inconspicuous place to hide could not be found. Yet there were rumors of a Super Friends rave in an abandoned warehouse; characters with special powers in capes and masks drunk on an egg-infused rum libation,- dancing around a magical, nut-filled cake.      more

   Certain foods are synonymous with the holiday season: A plump roasted turkey at the center of the dinner table, a juicy, glazed Christmas ham, some steaming tamales, a platter full of freshly-baked gingerbread men...and a fruitcake.
   Or at least, a few jokes about fruitcake.
   Long ridiculed in literature and popular culture from Charles Dickens to Johnny Carson, the once-noble fruitcake, which has origins that date back to ancient Egypt -- has been relegated to nothing more than an infamous yuletide yuk-yuk.
   But each December, for the last decade, the eastern California town of Independence celebrates all that is fruitcake -- fruits, nuts, and all -- with its annual Independence Fruitcake Festival.  

  You are invited to the Fourth of July celebration in Independence, California


December 18, 2015

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July 4, 2016
​Independence, California
County Seat for 150 Years!


​“Welcome to the Fruitcake Universe!”

Superheroes and comic strip characters along with a variety of fruitcakes and eggnogs will be making an appearance on December 12th in Independence, California. This year, in the tradition of Comic Con, the Fruitcake Festival will be honoring the fact that fruitcake is, indeed, the food of Superheroes. There will be live music, fabulous prizes and interesting fruitcakes and eggnogs!

The possibilities are endless for creating a winning fruitcake. Categories include oldest, travelled the farthest, best of theme, most solids, and judges’ award. Our fruitcake judges employ mechanical, empirical and philosophical techniques to select winning fruitcakes in those categories.

There will be an opportunity for you to take the mic and brag about your fruitcake or eggnog. However, please leave your kryptonite at home. You must play nice with Superman.

Most people participate by wearing theme-oriented costumes. This is not required, but in the past we have found that a good many people like to dress up more than their fruitcakes. The Costume Contest is just the place to show off your creativity and the “Best Costume” prize is awarded to the person with the loudest applause.

No need to eat dinner before you come. The Owens Valley Growers Co-op will be serving up mac & cheese and a salad for $5. To boost your energy for the evening, coffee is available at the bar.

This is the only “internationally” acclaimed Fruitcake Festival. Such venerable periodicals as the Washington Times, Country Living Magazine, and, of course, NPR have written us up.

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